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Breaks and Break-ups

I love my job. It's taken me over 10 years to finally dare become a sex worker, what I always wanted. Surely, I would be the last person to give up my beloved profession and lifestyle for a man?

Think again. Before being bewildered by a boyfriend and prospects of a "normal" life, I never doubted my choices in life. Then, I too got lured away by love. At least what I thought was love at the moment. While in my mind, love should be unconditional. In this case it was conditioned by me having to reluctantly agree to seeing my work as morally wrong.

The strong, independent woman I thought I was caved into conditioned love. I no longer felt good about working and took an indefinite break while struggling to adapt to a life of Netflix, chill and dog walks. 

To be loved I gave up my life. I lied and humoured my man and his limited view on sex work as amoral.

Personally, I find sex work beautiful. It allows for genuine connection, exploration of sexuality, and gives space for people to be free and exactly who they want to be, even if just for an hour. Every hour I worked I felt privelged to be a guide in the realm of sexuality. Then I turned around and gave it all up to fit into a box that was never fitted for me.

You may wonder where the story ends? Well, I realized that someone who can't love me for who I am will never accept me as an equal. I choose to take the good memories with me as I decide to be myself again, fully. No limitations and no shame. I am at a stage where my life is exactly what I designed it to be, doing what I love, being happy and free. No one can tell me that's the wrong place to be.

Ménage à Trois

A woman's touch awakens dormant desires in me. The softness. The sensuality. The sensations of her hand stroking my skin. If simply her fingers makes me tingle from head to toe, her tongue must surely be pure bliss.

If I get excited only from thinking about a woman’s touch, then a man touched by not one, but two women at once must be close to nirvana. If I was a man, that would be my ultimate fantasy. Hey, writing about it makes me wonder if perhaps it might be mine too.

Seeing couples or adding another female to the mix in a booking has been some of my favourite bookings. Nothing compares to the delight of exploration and the many possible opportunities for simultaneously sharing and receiving pleasure.   

Combining the soft female with the more firm male is the perfect combination for someone who wants it all. Now, dear reader, please let me indulge in this delight again soon...

The Outcall Experience

I'm on my way to a business dinner, I casually reply to the nosy Uber driver as I powder my nose with one hand and straighten the lacy panties under my pencil skirt with the other. Ah ok mam, he replies as he takes another extra long look at me in the mirror. 

Then, I remember that I'm in an Uber for Jack. I keep my fingers crossed he either thinks Jack is my boss or my name is Jacqueline. Either way, he better find my answers polite enough to maintain Jack's impeccable rating.

My heart beats faster and my attempt to casually straighten my thong ends up twisting it the wrong way and deeper into my butt crack. Dammit I say out loud as a hot flash comes over me and I say a quick prayer it won't leave my skin flushed or lady parts inconveniently moist.

Once we pull up at the Four Seasons, I attempt to politely thank the driver as I elegantly slide out of the Uber. Then, my inner super woman takes over and I immaculately straighten my panties, make my blouse and skirt appear appropriately business womanesque and lightly fluff up my loose curls. I walk with a balance of confidence and modesty over to the entrance as if there is no doubt I stay there. I glide in past reception casually discreet to avoid any attention as I head for the elevators.

A lovely date awaits. As I enter the elevator a grateful smile spreads all over my face knowing I'm about to do what I love.

Asian Fever

Earlier this year, I returned exhilarated from my first visits to Hong Kong and Singapore. As soon as I landed in Australia, I immediately planned my return. The modern atmosphere, well dressed gentlemen, vibrancy and exotic cuisine had me hooked.

Adding on to my excitement was the fact that this tall, blonde, long legged Scandinavian appeared to be a rather exotic rarity to the local people. I felt special, unique and thrilled when new lovers proclaimed they’d never been with anyone from my part of the world before. Some mentioned they felt a little intimidated by me before our meeting, and was surprised by how comfortable they felt in my presence. Enough at ease to share and act out their secret fantasies.

I thrive from allowing people to be their authentic selves and safely live out their desires. Sharing new experiences in a new environment makes me feel so alive and grateful. I’m currently counting the days until I return to Singapore mid November, keeping my fingers crossed I’ll be equally blessed with delightful gentlemen, delicious dishes and desires.

Diverse Delight

I am a multi talented woman with a wide range of interests. The diversity and complexity that is me naturally transfers to my business as a sex worker.

In my business, I offer massage, domination, and escorting to men, women, and couples. Providing a variety of services does not mean I am less skilled in these, it reflects my essence as a multifaceted human being.

I enjoy diversity and find fulfilment and inspiration in a wide range of experiences. By being diverse, my work is never boring or a routine and I am genuinely excited by each new encounter.

I find pleasure in putting together each session by offering a unique approach to the client based on their constitution and desires. In addition to this, I of course leave room for spontaneity, because what is life without a sprinkle of spontaneity?

To add even more excitement to my offerings, I consider expanding to offer a switch service, where I alternate between being dominant and submissive. Why? To fulfill my own and clients cravings to explore the full spectrum of humanity and sexuality. By dancing all over the field, I feel more vibrantly alive and am able to transmit that aliveness to my clients.  

Fuck My Brains Off

I am crazy about sex. It is one of my favorite human activities. Ever since my first orgasm at the age of eleven, I knew I found a method to match my madness.

Sex quickly became both an escape from and an intensification of life for me. Exploring my sexuality gave me space from the mundane activities I found unsatisfying and transported me to a realm of pleasure. Having sex with myself or a partner taught me so much about the way my body and mind works.

During sex, my senses are heightened and I live only right there in the moment. I exist for the experience of pleasure and the delights of physicality. I am all being, all feeling, all sensation, temporarily released from the cage of my thoughts.

The natural high of sex is incomparable to anything else. To me it is my meditation, my method of ecstacy, and my way of discovering deeper levels of myself. I find great satisfaction in taking people on pleasure journeys with me, where we leave our limitations and thoughts behind to simply be.

Touring Fever

I left my beloved Sydney behind to make new connections in cities I’ve never been. I’m bubbling with excitement and an edge of nervousness reflecting on who I’ll meet and what I’ll experience. But first things first, how do I even do this? Thoughts of where to stay, how to look, and what on earth I should pack twirl around my brain as memories of my last travel come up. That’s when airport security tore apart my bag before holding up my collar and chain for everyone to see, while asking “what is this?” “It’s a collar and chain, it even says so on the box you took it out of mate, seriously? And yes it’s for personal use, It’s not like I’m gonna kidnap anyone with that.”

What do I pack?

I start putting my favorite pieces of sexy lingerie in a silk bag, before I know it, it’s filled up and I put a couple more sets in another bag along with stockings. Then onto toys, strap on, dildos, flogger and just as important, sexy shoes. I put the first main things in my suitcase and realize it’s almost full. And that’s before I’ve pack such necessities as actual clothes. I curse myself for only picking 15kg and realize I’m up for massive rounds of repacking and at least 10 additional kilos.

Who will I meet and what will I do?

I have no idea how the men of Adelaide and Perth are, but I’m about to find out. As in any other place, I risk meeting anything from a first class gentleman to a rude and immature excuse for a man. I can handle both, but prefer and hope for the first.

On such a trip work/vacation balance is the key. I would love to explore what the cities have to offer both at day and night, while making time to see a selected few gentlemen I can devote my full energy and undivided attention to.

I also hope to meet fellow sex workers to share drinks and experiences along the way. After writing this, I feel much better about taking off and cannot wait to get out there and create new memories.


Nina - coming soon to a city near you, reach out, let’s play!

My First Tour

I planned my first tour two months before departure. Posted the dates on Scarlet Blue. Created a webpage. Got a Whatsapp account. Started being active on twitter. And then I waited. And waited. And waited.

The excitement bursted as I received my first twitter DM's and Whatsapp messages from interested clients about my tour. These men were either quite chatty or wanted to know if I "were around on the afternoon of .." once I mentioned the magic word deposit, they all vanished, never to be heard from again.

I canceled my tour and decided to give it another go later, when I had the ability to go strictly as a holiday if needed. However, I did not announce the cancelation. Then, as I was supposed to be in a given city the "Hey babe, you avail in ...?" and "avail now in ...?" started pouring in. To which I struggled not to answer "NO BABE, FIRST OF ALL, I AM NOT YOUR BABE NOR WILL I EVER BE, AND I AM NOT AVAIL AS YOU DIDN'T PRE-BOOK ..."

This time, I'm taking things a little lighter and planning my tour as a vacation with the addition of a few selected (pre-booked) sexy encounters along the road. I've got things to see and places to be strictly for me, and inviting in the possibility of gentlemen to pre-book time with me along my journey. I got some bookings already and there are still openings in my schedule waiting to be filled, either with sexy times or me-time. Regardless, this time I'm ready to take the leap into the unknown world of touring. If you want to see me, make sure you mention the magical and dreaded word deposit early on and I'm sure to be excited and ready to see you!   



'Tis the Season to be Horny

Christmas is the season where alcohol flows in and inhibitions fly out for many of you. Somehow, Christmas parties seem to be a valid excuse to hit on anything that moves and get away with it. 

But how smart is it really to make a move on or hook up with that hot secretary you're gonna see every day at work? 

I know the festive season is a time you feel more frisky and ready for fun. How about including your partner in the festivities and book an escort as an experience for you both to share?

If you're single, a private Christmas party with an escort just might be the best party of the year and a whole lot more satisfying than being horny Harry at your job's yearly Christmas party.


Nina (available for double and private parties ;)



5 Reasons Why I am an Escort

1. I love sex

Ever since a young age, I have always been extremely interested in sex and sexuality. Some past lovers called me insatiable and made me feel like my love of sex was an abnormal thing, while others appreciated it. One jokingly said “you know you’d be like the perfect prostitute.” That moment reignited my old, deeply hidden desire to be a sex worker. After years of careful consideration, I finally did it and haven’t looked back since. Why shouldn’t I make my passion my profession?

2. I am my own boss

I have worked at over a dozen different jobs, everything from bartender to yoga teacher to social media manager. There were pros and cons to each of them, but the biggest drawback was not being fully in charge of my work. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, and love every aspect of having my own business, from setting up my website, editing pictures, to preparing sessions, and of course the work itself.

3. Flexibility

Being my own boss comes with the advantage of determining my own hours. I work on the days and times when it fits me to work. If I want to make more money one week, I increase my workload. If I want a vacation, I can take that vacation when it suits me, or even have the ability to work on the holiday if needed and desired. It’s all up to me, the bosslady.

4. Money

I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m also in it for the money. I feel very fortunate to do something I love and am good at that allows me to have a pleasant lifestyle.

5. Excitement

The thrill of meeting someone new and knowing that within minutes you’ll be fucking is quite a rush for me. Getting to know a person and what turns them on and then share secret, passionate sex makes me feel so alive.