James Says

I’ve seen Nina a few times. Great personality and even more fun in the bedroom. Nina gets right into it and seems to absolutely love what she does. Ticks all the boxes.

As a side note Nina has beautiful eyes.

Johnny S Says…

Nina is an absolute dream to spend time with in every single way. She oozes sexuality from her beautiful body, sexy lingerie and hot as hell Scandinavian accent, just hot hot hot!! 

Nina takes you on a very sexual adventure and understands what is pushing all my buttons all of the time. She knows how to unlock my sexual beast.

Nina is the ultimate femme fatale and I love seeing her and adore her more than words can say. She’s sex on legs! And what legs they are!

My suggestion is to let her dominate you, you won’t regret it! Submit to her sexual power, she’s the best there is.

S Says…

Forever honoured to be this lovely lady’s first ever SB client - creamy and dreamy this sex chef knows how to whip it up in the bedroom and leave you wanting more - if you love roleplay and love your lady to be into too you won’t find many better.

Stewie G Says...

Miss Nina as I like to call her was everything you wanted in a special play date and more. The profile pics do not do her any justice as I was greeted at the door by an extremely professional looking yet ultra sexy lady. 

Our leadup conversion was first class and Miss Nina went out of her way to ensure my desires were met but without making it obvious until our play session got underway.

Miss Nina certainly played out her role with aplomb and oozed sexiness - I had a hard time (and a hard on) whilst trying to focus on my task whilst obviously turning Miss Nina on.

I loved her lingerie underneath her professional outfit, I loved the nakedness that was requested of her to accompany that lingerie and the passion and sex that took place thereafter was second to none. Her sexiness and willingness to please inspired me to go longer than usual and the highlight was without a doubt fucking Miss Nina on a small desk still wearing her suspenders stockings and stilettos Equally the highlight was to go down on Miss Nina and make her cum as well which is always a great feeling.

Highly recommend this Scandavian sex bomb if you want your fantasies met to a tee and fabulous passionate sex to go with it. Xxxxxx