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Fuck My Brains Off

I am crazy about sex. It is one of my favorite human activities. Ever since my first orgasm at the age of eleven, I knew I found a method to match my madness.

Sex quickly became both an escape from and an intensification of life for me. Exploring my sexuality gave me space from the mundane activities I found unsatisfying and transported me to a realm of pleasure. Having sex with myself or a partner taught me so much about the way my body and mind works.

During sex, my senses are heightened and I live only right there in the moment. I exist for the experience of pleasure and the delights of physicality. I am all being, all feeling, all sensation, temporarily released from the cage of my thoughts.

The natural high of sex is incomparable to anything else. To me it is my meditation, my method of ecstacy, and my way of discovering deeper levels of myself. I find great satisfaction in taking people on pleasure journeys with me, where we leave our limitations and thoughts behind to simply be.