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Ménage à Trois

A woman's touch awakens dormant desires in me. The softness. The sensuality. The sensations of her hand stroking my skin. If simply her fingers makes me tingle from head to toe, her tongue must surely be pure bliss.

If I get excited only from thinking about a woman’s touch, then a man touched by not one, but two women at once must be close to nirvana. If I was a man, that would be my ultimate fantasy. Hey, writing about it makes me wonder if perhaps it might be mine too.

Seeing couples or adding another female to the mix in a booking has been some of my favourite bookings. Nothing compares to the delight of exploration and the many possible opportunities for simultaneously sharing and receiving pleasure.   

Combining the soft female with the more firm male is the perfect combination for someone who wants it all. Now, dear reader, please let me indulge in this delight again soon...