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Pleasure & Pain

When pleasure and pain meets surrender and trust there are no limits to the experiences ready to be explored. The immense rush of playing in the spectrum of pleasure and pain is unparalleled. Balancing on an edge so fine it takes undivided attention and skill to thread right.

Then, how does one find the right partner and guide into such a potentially dangerous and delightful world? In my experience, it can sometimes be easier to explore fantasies involving the combination of pleasure and pain with a professional. At least until one finds a like minded individual to play with, where the necessary trust has been built.

I remember dragging a very uncomfortable past lover through the streets of Amsterdam’s red light district into sex shops practically begging him to pick a flogger and paddle for us to play with. Instead of agreeing to my request, he looked away and got more and more visibly uncomfortable. In the end, I gave up. This was obviously my thing, not his, and where lies the pleasure in demanding your partner give you pain when it’s nothing but a pain to them?

Many lovers and clients later, I thrive from allowing people to live out their fantasies of pleasure and pain within the safe container of my incall. If you crave such experiences and your partner does not, there is nothing wrong with you or even with your relationship. But as a firm believer in fulfilling one's desires and living in accordance to one's true nature, I highly recommend exploring it anyway.

The rush I get both from being a dominant and a submissive makes me feel more alive and ready to take on any challenges the world may face me with. In addition, if I’m ever bored, I have a well of memories to draw from. So, if you ever catch me with a cheeky grin on the 5pm train, you can bet my mind is drifting somewhere into a past encounter in between pleasure and pain.