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Triple Life

I’m bartending and waitressing at a private party tonight so I can’t join. In one way, I am telling the truth. I will be pouring drinks. I am simply leaving out what I’ll serve for main course; me.

When friends and family ask about my work, I never lie completely, I just don’t tell the whole truth.

I’ve been bartending on and off for ten years. Occasionally, I still work at private parties, although I prefer pouring drinks in a much more intimate setting. In my life now, I create the best drinks naked or wearing sexy lingerie, and serve them to a lover or a couple of lovers.

Other times, I say I am a yoga teacher. I am a yoga teacher, I have 500 h of training behind me, have taught in three countries, and often end up using skills I acquired in a job. I owe my flexibility, mental clarity, breathing technique, and creative positioning of my body to yoga.

Am I really lying and living a double or even triple life when I am only leaving out sharing certain aspects of my life in conversation with certain people?