5 Reasons Why I am an Escort

1. I love sex

Ever since a young age, I have always been extremely interested in sex and sexuality. Some past lovers called me insatiable and made me feel like my love of sex was an abnormal thing, while others appreciated it. One jokingly said “you know you’d be like the perfect prostitute.” That moment reignited my old, deeply hidden desire to be a sex worker. After years of careful consideration, I finally did it and haven’t looked back since. Why shouldn’t I make my passion my profession?

2. I am my own boss

I have worked at over a dozen different jobs, everything from bartender to yoga teacher to social media manager. There were pros and cons to each of them, but the biggest drawback was not being fully in charge of my work. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, and love every aspect of having my own business, from setting up my website, editing pictures, to preparing sessions, and of course the work itself.

3. Flexibility

Being my own boss comes with the advantage of determining my own hours. I work on the days and times when it fits me to work. If I want to make more money one week, I increase my workload. If I want a vacation, I can take that vacation when it suits me, or even have the ability to work on the holiday if needed and desired. It’s all up to me, the bosslady.

4. Money

I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m also in it for the money. I feel very fortunate to do something I love and am good at that allows me to have a pleasant lifestyle.

5. Excitement

The thrill of meeting someone new and knowing that within minutes you’ll be fucking is quite a rush for me. Getting to know a person and what turns them on and then share secret, passionate sex makes me feel so alive.